Yes, the Bears might have lost to the Packers, sorry, the “World Champs” (as they were called 749 times today), by a score of 27-17 today.  But, the score should have been much closer if not for a phantom holding call on the greatest punt return fakeout in history.  With only a minute left and the score 27-17, Devin Hester and Special Teams Coordinator Dave Toub pulled off an unbelieveable fake return to the near sideline, while Johnny Knox caught the ball and raced up the far sideline for a TD, if not for that “holding” call.  

Now, I can understand if the play initially might have fooled FOX play-by-play man Joe Buck, but c’mon man! At least show a little excitement! Who cares if there’s a flag on the field?  Even Aaron Rogers said it was “the most incredible play I’ve ever seen” after the game.  Yet for Joe Buck, it was like any other play in any other game. We’ve chronicled Buck’s voice ailment before, and it does still sound his voice is just a hair off from normal. So why the muted call?  Couldn’t Buck take some lessons from the UVA-Wise announcers and let loose just a little bit?  (Nice AA shoutout in the local papers by the way!)  

Trust me, I could go into the FOX conspiracy against Jay Cutler, or their on-air apology today for creating false headlines about Jay Cutler… but that would just reveal my own silly Bears bias.  Nope, it looks like the muted reaction is just down to Joe Buck being an announcer who can’t find any excitement when calling a football game.  I wonder what will happen first… Joe Buck losing his monotone or the Bears finding a running game… ouch!

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