Somebody at ESPN named Bryan Burns has heard my pleas, and decided to give 3DTV a proper effort — and they’re wisely following the HD model to do it.

“We’ve been hearing people saying, ‘There’s not enough content yet.’ They’re absolutely right. And we’re going to change that,” said Bryan Burns, who is leading ESPN’s 3-D push.

ESPN 3-D, which started last June and was only on the air for live sporting events, will be on the air full time starting on Feb. 14. Along with a few live games each week, the network will rebroadcast archived games. “This, for us, is very much an image of just what happened with H.D.,” he said of the gradual roll-out.

Well I’ll be damned if he didn’t bust out his Writer’s Reference and give me an MLA style citation after that one. Anyway, smart move here to fill in gaps between live games by rebroadcasting footage they already own. Not that anyone is rushing out to buy a new 3DTV just so they can rewatch the World Cup, but certainly perpetually seeing content on ESPN3D in your onscreen guide will keep reminding sports fans that this option is out there for us as soon as we’re ready to bite. Content needs to be there in order for any hardware to get sold and I’m glad they’ve decided not only to stick it out, but to put essentially put the industry on their back.

Much to the chagrin of Mike Tirico, the Worldwide Leader in 3D Programming will be offering the Tostitos BCS National Championship game in 3D this Monday. Kickoff is at 9:00 EST.

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