Now, for the most important news of the day…Doug Gottlieb hated the ending of There Will Be Blood. Yes, that means the millkshake scene and the final epic confrontation between Eli and Daniel Plainview were not up to Gottlieb’s standards. I’ll admit I’m biased here, There Will Be Blood might be my favorite movie of all-time AND Doug Gottlieb might be the single most annoying person on ESPN these days (LOTS of competition)… BUT how could he like the rest of Blood and hate the ending?!? I understand that Blood was kind of unique, and had a somewhat slow pace to it that probably lost some people… but the ending might be the most satisfying to a movie I can remember!  Oh well, college basketball season is over. That means Gottlieb is hopefully off our TV’s for months, and that to me is a satisfying ending to this college basketball season.

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