Just when you thought the 15 minutes of web virality were up for Antoine Dodson, the housing project civil activist is not only allegedly getting his own reality show, but now finds himself immortalized on SportsCenter.

Announcer and former player, Dickey Simpkins, has the call as Marquette makes a second half run at number five ranked UConn.



For those of who are drawing blanks right now you’ll have to endure this video below, where Dodson makes his famous appeal to the public to hide their loved ones with the security of the neighbord in question (Antoine’s commentary starts about 25 seconds in). His candid comments later led to a popular remix that has actually sold really well in Itunes.


Coming off the heels of Gus Johnson’s usage of “haterade” in regards to Ohio State’s chemistry department, you have to tip your hat to just how hip and entertaining some of the calls in college basketball have been this year. God only know what Sir Charles will bring to the table when he starts doing college basketball games in the coming months.

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