Evidently, this was the weekend for crazy college basketball calls.  Yesterday we shared KU basketball announcer Bob Davis going nuts over a foul called against the Jayhawks.  Today, we see former Chicago Bulls player and current analyst Dickey Simpkins losing his mind in the exuberant way after a CJ Fair dunk for the Syracuse Orange.  Simpkins has developed a little bit of a cult following for his unique and excitable outbursts as an analyst for ESPNU and Big East games.  His latest effort includes an OMG, and something called a Dunk Nasty Face.  

Good for Dickey for being creative.  He’s actually probably gaining more notoriety as an analyst than he ever did as a towel waver for Jordan’s Bulls.  Although he does have three championship rings for his career 4.3 PPG, so who am I to judge?  The one thing that I’d like to know is what a Dunk Nasty Face is exactly.  I have no idea.  :%?  :$?  Any thoughts on what a dunk nasty face looks like?  Whatever it is, I’m definitely using it in my next IM conversation… if people still do that anymore.

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