Indiana shocked the number one ranked Kentucky Wildcats at the buzzer on a three-pointer by Christian Watford to win 73-72 at Assembly Hall. UK overcame a large deficit late in the 2nd half to take the lead but missed free throws in the final seconds proved to be very costly. A decade ago, IU won in a similar fashion against #1 ranked Michigan State on a Kirk Haston three at the buzzer that I so desperately wish I could forget.

Dick Vitale and Dan Shulman were on the call (below is also the IU radio call of the game winner). Luckily this epic shot and call will help us forget about how annoying Dickie V was for much of the game. Vitale spent most of IU’s possesions yelling “WHY ISN’T THE BALL GOING TO ZELLAH!” Yep, it got old even if he was probably correct. Also, take note of Crean’s face after the shot… it’s pretty fantastic.

Update: Here’s the Crean face I was talking about… ESPN Munson’d that final score so don’t pay attention to it.

crean face

Ed. Update: And if all that goodness wasn’t enough, here’s the fantastic IU radio call from Don Fischer (h/t Big Ten Network)…