This happened: Derrick Rose received his MVP trophy from David Stern and poor ol’ Dick Stockton called Rose, “David”.

David Stern to Derrick. David Stern to David… Derp. I can see how you might make that mistake – David to another D name and you’re still thinking about David in some small capacity? Or maybe old-timer Dick Stockton had the American songwriter on his mind? Either way, I think it could’ve been worse – he could’ve said “touch it, Dave!”

This does raise a very serious discussion question, though. Do you prefer announcers to stop and correct themselves (assuming they even catch it) or do you prefer the ol’ theater approach – carry on and hope nobody heard you miss/screw up your line(s)? … I’d probably say it depends on the announcing situation. With something this big – the presentation of the freaking MVP trophy, which has a chance of being replayed over and over again – an announcer better be pretty darn sure they’re calling the MVP by the right name. Or at least conscious enough of what they’re saying, so they can stop themselves if need be and say, “oh, pisssss, I meant Derrick … Derrick Rose with the MVP!”

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