LeGarrette Blount’s 54-yard PutDaTeamOnMyBack (nsfw) run might be one of the highlights of the NFL football season. On the NFL networks highlight show, Deion Sanders delivered a call almost as hilarious as Blount’s run was spectacular. After Sanders squealed in delight after delivering his “SIX PEOPLE TRYING TO HIT THAT BLOUNT” line, Eisen went all Nancy Reagan in response. Neon Deion decided not to heed the hosts caution and repeat the same line, this time even more exaggerated during the replay. The Packers were able to hit that Blount enough as Green Bay kept their undefeated season alive by defeating Tampa Bay, 35-26.

At Awful Announcing, we’d like to remind our readers that there is “no hope with dope.” Zack Morris got with Kelly Kapowski and can stop time and that phrase rhymes so it would be crazy to argue against him.

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