Real Sports on HBO is without a doubt the best sports magazine style show on television.  Their stories are consistently intriguing and insightful, and cover topics that aren’t talked about ad nauseum on ESPN.  (Yes, I realllllly need to hear seven different shows give their thoughts on Carmelo Anthony for the tenth time this month.) Tonight a new episode premieres with Andrea Kremer profiling Deadspin.  It’s been Deadspin’s biggest year, what with groundbreaking stories featuring different NFL personalities and their body parts, or wife’s body parts and they’ve become a household name in the sports world for good or bad.  This is certainly not an in-depth feature you’ll see on ESPN, probably because of this, or this, or this as just a few examples.  Here’s a brief preview of the piece that will run tonight…

There’s no questioning the power of Deadspin in the sports media world.  I’m a fan of a lot of what they do, but not so much a fan of some of the seedier things that they have published that aim to wreck people’s lives and laugh at the bloody remains.  Nevertheless, an inside look at the most talked about sports website will be a must-see.

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