Cubs games on WGN pioneered the modern style of televising a baseball game.  WGN Director Arne Harris was famous for his production of televised baseball and incorporating crowd shots into the broadcast.  Often times, in Wrigleyville, that includes pretty ladies.  He had this to say once about televising baseball:

“Baseball is a director’s sport,” Harris once said. “You can do so much between when the ball’s not in play–shooting the pretty girls, shooting the kids, the dugout stuff.”

Harris passed away in 2001, but his legacy lives on.  I can’t think of any baseball broadcast (or any stadium sport) that doesn’t include crowd shots that may or may not coincidentally have attractive females in the picture.  It’s no mystery – guys watch sports, guys like looking at attractive women.  In case you didn’t notice this phenomenon watching sports, WGN’s Dave Campbell (filling in for analyst Bob Brenly) and Len Kasper let you in on this secret of broadcasting sports last night at a game in Pittsburgh.  From SportsGrid

By the way, our friends at SportsGrid have made a sleek redesign and added another friend of AA, Tim Burke of @bubbaprog and Mocksession fame to their full-time staff as video editor.  Check out the site and congrats to both on the announcement.

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