Last week, our caption was Bill Murray at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am.  The winner was ismusbe with “Cinderella story…18th green at Augusta….putt for the win…It’s in the HOLE!”  Thanks to those of you that participated.  I’m hopeful that this week’s caption will create a little more interest, especially from the 7-13 year old girl demographic, because Bieber Fever has finally reached Awful Announcing!  Can you create a clever caption for this picture of Craig Sager and his purple suit interviewing a rather disinterested looking teen pop icon from NBA’s All Star Weekend?  The pic is via @jose3030


Totally Not Awful Links 

Jared Sullinger can’t escape his awful Miley Cyrus impersonation, as the Purdue student section showed on Sunday.  [The Big Lead]

Jim Gray being Jim Gray.  You can probably imagine what that means.  [Yahoo Sports]

Serge Ibaka was robbed at the slam dunk contest with perhaps the most impressive free throw line dunk ever.  How could a panel including Julius Irving and Brent Barry not give him a 50?  [With Malice]

Tommy Craggs at Deadspin tears apart Peter King for his favorability towards Roger Goodell.  [Deadspin]

In case you missed it, Miguel Cabrera’s mugshot is awesome.  [Black Sports Online]

More hilarious Australian TV innuendo jokes from AA’s Matt Clapp at his site, Sharapova’s Thigh [ST

The softest hockey goal in history.  [Youtube]

How ’bout that, an entire group of links and stories Carmelo Anthony free!  See, ESPN, it can be done!

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