That 2010 US Senate run never did happen for Craig James, but there are indicators he may soon go all-in with his fledging political career.  With current Republican Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson not running for re-election in 2012, there’s an empty seat in congress that is just crying out for someone with the political clout and experience of a college football announcer.  Doesn’t Senator Craig James just flow off the tongue?  I’m still waiting for his debate with Mike Leach.  It appears that James is throwing his hat back into the political ring, if not diving in head-first with the founding of a new organization that both celebrates the greatness of Texas and aims to channel that greatness to save the rest of America.

The video below is about the most campaigny non-campaign video I’ve ever seen.  Evidently James founded a group called “Texans for a Better America,” which “is about reconnecting people with the values, ideas, and founding principles that have not only made Texas the envy of our nation, but would transform our country.”  I guess I missed that part where I’m supposed to wake up every morning and long for the good life in Amarillo (nothing against George Strait though, that dude’s a legend).

Also, according to the Texans for a Better America website, “Craig James is a proud Texan who believes our nation can be great again.”  Wonderful.  And, if that’s not convincing enough, the video slash advertisement slash campaign endorsement declares, “Craig James is a living example of the importance of economic freedom and America’s entrepreneurial spirit.”  I wish I was making this up.  Surprisingly, there’s nothing about meddling with coaches and whining when your son isn’t getting playing time.  The prospects of Craig James being a legitimate contender for a US Senate seat are likely very slim (polling shows his unfavorable rating in West Texas at 52% and his favorable rating at… wait for it, 7%).  By the looks of the ridiculous video below though, this potential Senator James idea could be a lot of fun…

Video: Looks like Craig James still wants to be Senator James – Dr. Saturday

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