One of the best Christmas presents AA received was Craig James’ departure from ESPN to run for the Republican nomination to fill Kay Bailey Hutchison’s United States Senate seat in Texas.  James’ 2011 at AA was as dominant as Barry Bonds at his enlarged headed best as he won every major tournament that honors the most awful announcers.  But now with him out of the booth we get the fun of watching a maligned college football analyst run for the United States Senate.  James is so far behind the field in terms of money and public support that he has virtually no chance in the race.  Also, Jesse “The Body” Ventura was more qualified in running for public office.

James’ hopeless Senate campaign promises to be an interesting ride for everyone and it began in earnest yesterday with an appearance on Fox News.  


James on his qualifications for Senate:

“I ate a lot of mayonnaise only sandwiches and ketchup only sandwiches.”

James’ straight talk:

“Our country is changing, Washington is off its rails, I’m living on Real Street, I understand this.”

James on overcoming the Leach scandal:

“There are no allegations.  It is indisputable amongst players, coaches, trainers, doctors.  Everyone there knew Adam had a concussion and on back to back practices Mike Leach ordered him put in dark solitary confinement.  You can’t do that to a human being.”

“There’s some who just don’t want to open their eyes and understand reality.”

“I’ll stand against evil.  Right is right, wrong is wrong, it’s never right to do wrong.”

To summarize:

-Craig James lives on a weird place called “Real Street.”
-Craig James ate mayonnaise and ketchup sandwiches as a kid.
-Craig James thinks it’s everyone else that doesn’t understand reality when he totally ignores this.
-Mike Leach is evil.
-Craig James will stand against evil. 
-Craig James will save America. 

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