When will ESPN finally realize that it’s time to call a timeout or give a temporary/indefinite suspension to Colin Cowherd?  Through the uncertainty of the ongoing #FreeBruce story (more on that tomorrow), the ESPN Radio host was busy making more offensive statements.  I’m done wasting my time writing why ESPN needs to discipline slash rid the sports world of Colin Cowherd.  Why he is untouchable by ESPN management is beyond me.  It’s equally infuriating to the whole James/Leach/Feldman debacle.  This time, Cowherd tries his hand once again at sociology while mixing in his perverse racial commentary, areas he’s failed miserably at before.  This time, he surmises (without ever directly stating) that Roger Goodell is the first father figure in the lives of many black NFL players.  I’m sure he’ll come out tomorrow and say that he never said “Roger Goodell is a dad to fatherless black NFL players,” but it doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to figure out that’s exactly where Cowherd is at in the clip below.  Bears safety Chris Harris and Steelers safety Ryan Clark sum up the outrage nicely on Twitter..

 Soooo Colin Cowherd thinks Roger Goodell is like a dad to fatherless black NFL players. How stupid is that statement u made *smh*

 Colin Cowherd may have said the dumbest thing ever! Goodell is a father to NFL players! I just threw up in my mouth!

Do something about this guy, ESPN.  Here’s the maddening clip from SportsGrid

H/T SportsGrid

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