Posting might be light the next couple of days as many of us at AA have requested mental health days when this news came across our desks.  While not terribly shocking given the numbers Cowherd pulls across ESPN, there is still a knee jerk reaction of “Are you serious?”

ESPN employs a massive amount of on air talent, the bulk of which is pretty stellar. But there also seems to be a portion of that talent that falls into a “They’re soo bad they’re good” strategy. Woody Paige and Skip Bayless are other long term ESPN personalities that seem to fit into this bucket.  

While they certainly have their audience and moments, a lot of their shtick is “What will they say next?” as sports talk radio has proven that asinine and outrageous musings can inexplicably retain an audience.

A four year deal with ESPN isn’t very common, but given the amount of programs and platforms Cowherd is involved with, ESPN decided to stretch out this extension.

I personally reacted to the news by loosening my tie and pouring myself a drink (not really), but given Matt’s documented disdain of Cowherd, I picture his reaction to the news similar to this.   

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