Chauncey Billups has been starting beside Chris Paul for the Clippers thus far this season (two games), but did not start on Friday night vs. the Bulls due to a sore groin. That didn’t stop PA announcer David Courtney from introducing the veteran glue guy anyway: 

Courtney must have put in a lot of time practicing the Clippers intros for the home opener and, when Billups was a relatively late scratch, he didn’t want to let all that practice go to waste. “Shooot, I haven’t practiced anything for Mo Williams. What am I going to do? Ah, I got it. I’ll do the Billups’ intro I’ve practiced hours on end as if he is starting and then I’ll just correct myself by nonchalantly saying Mo Williams’ name after. Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Phew.” No, that’s probably not what happened. But Poor Mo Williams.

image via Harry How / Getty; video via Youtube/NBA