Chris Berman must have figured he could get away with anything on ESPN baseball last night because nobody would be watching — the NBA Finals began around the same time on their sister station and it was the middle of a Tuesday.

First, his brain flatulated thatmost, not all, of the Giants’ walk off wins this season have come at home and, then, he gave Cardinals’ reliever Fernando Salas a rather unfortunate nickname, ‘Tossed Salas.’

Have a listen [via Media Bistro]:

Berman’s an old dog, but he has to know that ‘tossed salad’ doesn’t quite mean what it used to; at least know that the generic sense of the term can’t be said without a mental snicker from anyone south of 30. And I know Berman saw David Cross toss his own salad in Scary Movie 2. I think he would’ve been better off nicknaming him ‘Garden Fresh Salas’ if he wanted to go that route.