Last night, the Milwaukee Brewers accomplished one of baseball’s rarest and coolest feats, turning a triple play against the Los Angeles Dodgers.  The play happened in the top of the second inning.  With runners on first and second, James Loney sent a grounder to Milwaukee second baseman Josh Wilson.  He flipped to shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt to get Juan Rivera at second.  Betancourt then doubled up Loney at first.  A quick thinking Prince Fielder then fired home to get Matt Kemp, who was trying to score all the way from second base on the play.  Just your run of the mill 4-6-3-2 triple play.  Here’s the video of the play:

As you can clearly see, there was a lot happening there.  So you might forgive Dodgers radio play by play man and former SportsCenter anchor Charley Steiner for not fully describing every element of the play… or in this case, the entire play.  Here’s the audio of Charley’s attempted call from tipster Missak and the transcript below:

“There’s a comebacker, backhanded beautifully at second base by Wilson, flips (pause) to second and THERE IS A TRIPLE PLAY!  A TRIPLE PLAY!”

So, somehow, Josh Wilson recorded three outs at second base??  Unless it was Larry, Curly, and Moe running the basepaths, it seems Charley didn’t exactly capture the moment for the fans that were listening.  Perhaps his mind was being preoccupied while watching his back in fear of Evander Holyfield.   

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