NBA All-Star Weekend is by far the most entertaining of the major pro sports.  Of course, that’s not saying much, but still… anyways, we had to share with you this video from last night of Charles Barkley doing the Dougie during the Rookie/Sophomore game (which was won by the rooks 148-140 for those of you scoring at home).  At least it’s less awkward than Craig Sager’s interviewing skills

However you rate that video, Sir Charles’ dance skills are way better than his fantasy draft skills.  Tonight, TNT televised a one hour fantasy draft featuring their analysts picking teams of all-time great NBA players.  Believe it or not, it was surprisingly good television, at least we have a preview into our programming future during the lockout.  With the first pick, Barkley picked… Allen Iverson.  Seriously, Allen Iverson.  Ahead of MJ and Wilt and Russell and everyone else.  Apparently, Barkley must have thought the fantasy draft was only for players who have played ball for Besiktas.

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