After last year’s NFL season, we discussed Fox’s inferior NFL broadcasting teams in comparison to their network rivals at CBS.  From top to bottom, CBS is deeper and better in the broadcast booth when it comes to pro football.  This offseason though, Fox is slowly taking steps to improve their network roster.  First, it was the all-star signing of Gus Johnson and now comes the arrival of former Dolphins and current free agent QB Chad Pennington.  After seriously injuring himself in the offseason playing a pickup basketball game, Pennington will take the year off and join Fox.  Here’s some details from the Sacramento Bee:

“I’m going to take this year off, get healthy,” Pennington told The Charleston (W.Va.) Daily Mail at a Thursday speaking engagement before the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Pennington, who signed a one-year contract with Fox, will be paired with Sam Rosen on one of the network’s announcing teams. “He came to Los Angeles for an audition a few weeks ago, and we think he has a chance to be a pretty successful analyst,” Fox Sports representative Dan Bell said Saturday morning.

Immediately, one has to wonder if this means that Fox analyst Tim Ryan (Rosen’s partner the last few seasons) is getting the axe from Fox or is being moved down the analyst chain.  There’s no mention of Ryan in the article, so it looks like Rosen/Pennington will go forward as a two man booth.  If Ryan does stay aboard, that may mean no more room for Torry Holt.  Darn.  Pennington has always seemed like a smart guy and should be a good addition for Fox.  Time will tell just how well Pennington transitions to the booth, but he will likely be a step up from Ryan.  Pennington may also be able to provide some unique and thoughtful analysis having played in the league last year.  Hopefully for his own sake, NFL analyst Chad Pennington will be the first TV personality that doesn’t criticize QB Chad Pennington for his lack of arm strength.

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