Tuesday night’s nationally televised Heat/Cavs game tipped off with the drama of LeBron James having trouble getting himself and his entourage into the Q parking garage before the morning shootaround. Then, LeBron didn’t show up at all during player intros or the national anthem because he was allegedly in the bathroom (bad burrito and possibly crying).

During game play, we the viewers had the distinct pleasure of listening to Cavs announcers Fred McLeod and “Mr. Cavalier” Austin Carr call an improbable Cavs win over the heavily favored Heat. They’re actually far from a dynamic duo, but they gain several points here for piling on Chris Bosh:

Carr likely got the “Bosh = Rupaul” reference from a former Cav, Shaquille O’Neal, who once said Chris Bosh is the Rupaul of big men. Chris Bosh has done everything in his power to live up to that image, so it was really an easy play for Carr. Bosh finished the game 5-14 shooting and four rebounds. Half man stuff.

For the record, this is our third post this season after a Cavs win (20% of their wins) commenting on something their announcers said during the course of the game. That’s a strong rate.

Cavs announcer: Chris Bosh is “Rupaul lookalike” [CBS]

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