A couple of days back, the author of the ESPN book, Jim Miller, tweeted that Bruce Feldman would be back covering college football during the Pac 12 media days. He also hinted that there was still some things going on behind the scenes (do tell!). 

Given Miller’s bevvy of sources, we’re inclined to think he’s in the know about either Feldman’s contract ending or possible severance discussions. There is no other real explanation for Feldman potentially leaving ESPN in the middle of the college football season. In fact, I doubt his contract would even expire mid season, so there is still some major questions about what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Regardless, we did get our first look at Feldman as he did some video talking Pac 12. Still with no tweet or comment about the matter from Feldman nor anything to go on other than ESPN’s side of the story, we’re still very skeptical. It’s interesting to see ESPN leaving comments enabled on the article page containing the video, most referencing Feldman’s extended absence.

Feldman seemed to crack grin in the first few seconds of the video almost acknowledging this was kind of awkward to reappear with no formal comment on the matter. Here is our take on what was going on behind the scenes.

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We’re trying to dig further into what Miller was insinuating in his tweet about Feldman’s future as it remains to be seen if he’s truly free or just being supervised out in the yard. Either way, his last couple of weeks have been reminiscent of another great guy locked up for all the wrong reasons.

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