A week ago, we relayed that current NBA Finals ESPN analyst Mark Jackson was the leading candidate to be the next head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Welp, momma, there goes that man — he will be the head coach of the Warriors next season, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, et al.: 

Jackson’s deal will be for three years guaranteed, coming in at a little over $2 million per. I’d be shocked if Jackson doesn’t finish out the Finals with Breen and Van Gundy, although I guess it’s possible he could bail, if ESPN/ABC allows him to (Doug Collins finished out his duties with TNT after he accepted the Sixers gig in the middle of last year’s playoffs).

The next relevant question is inquiring about who will replace Jackson on the Breen team. I won’t go as far as Matt and call Breen/Van Gundy/Jackson the best in sports, but they somehow work well together, thanks mostly to Breen. Jackson never really had Worldwide Leader worthy delivery (though he sounds pretty damn good leading into Magic Johnson on the post-game show) and his “catchy” calls on replays going into the break often induced groans, save my fave momma, there goes that man. The interesting dynamic of this threesome is that Van Gundy coached Jackson. In some ways, it was apparent during broadcasts — coach rambling on with his (sometimes incoherent) ‘wisdom’ and the player adamantly defying it with his own opinion. It covered the bases, but too many times it would result in really distracting (playful) bickering. I guess some viewers like(d) that, but not this one. 

Either way, nothing but all the best to Jackson with his new job; I’d like to think he has a pretty good opportunity to succeed in Golden State.

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