With the end of the Mayan calendar possibly coming before the time we see the NBA again, the new NBA Jam is about as good as a substitute as we could hope for. To celebrate the release of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, they had Shaq (with a mysterious blueish hue) put his own spin on the NBA Jam series’ signature over the top commentary. My personal favorite is a tie between “Frame this for yo momma!” and “freaky deaky dunka potamus!”

I actually downloaded this the other day on a whim and I must say it’s absolutely fantastic. I mostly downloaded it because the NBA Jam announcer’s phrases have become part of my daily lexicon since I picked this up for Super Nintendo, but it’s pretty great and the commentary is thankfully still as wild as ever. Plus, it’s always satisfying to see Chris Kaman do three flips before slamming it down over Rik Smits (there’s a substantial amount of historic players in the game).

So far I haven’t found a team that can compete with the greatest videogame team of all-time, the Seattle SuperSonics (Kemp and Payton) from the OG edition of NBA Jam. Still, few things I’ve found as satisfying as two hand shoving fools online 40 times a game with Bill Laimbeer in videogames. If you got $15 and are fiending for some NBA basketball, definitely consider picking this one up.