When ESPN cut ties with Joe Morgan, there was some concern that there would be a debilitating decline in content around these parts. Thankfully, Bobby Valentine has performed admirably in filling Morgan’s shoes. 

Tonight, during the home run derby – a holiday usually reserved for Chris Berman vitriol – Valentine attempted to stress how tiring it is for the derby participants to try and hit home runs on every swing. However, as usually is the case for Valentine, it didn’t come out as he intended :

“Fag [out]” is in the Dictionary, and means to tire, so there’s technically nothing ‘wrong’ with what Valentine said. But there’s precedence suggesting that it’s probably a poor choice of words.

And, supposedly, it’s not even what Valentine meant to say (and his grimace right after saying it may indicate as much). SI’s Richard Deitsch reached out to ESPN and Valentine apologized for it: 

“I meant to say fatigued and it came out wrong. I’m truly sorry for my mistake.”

Interestingly enough, this could’ve been one of the few times Valentine said exactly what he was thinking, but acted as if it wasn’t in order to cover up his usage of a word that might leave a negative impression. 


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