SI’s Jimmy Traina put the call out — a side-by-side pic of Bobby Valentine and Marv Albert’s current hairdos — and Bubbaprog delivered upon request.

I’ve been flipping back and forth between NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, and Sunday Night Baseball, and it doesn’t take much to conclude that the only thing that could possibly earn Bobby Valentine a shared side-by-side pic with Marv Albert is their side-parted, incredibly obvious Just For Men jobs, because he pales in comparison to Albert in terms of broadcasting.

Valentine has been pretty awful so far as a color analyst. I think he’s trying way too hard to be poetic and winds up making a fool of himself. Take his call after Robinson Cano’s 2nd inning home run for example: “He turned, firmed, and hit a home run. … Not only did he hit a home run, he hit it hard and fair.” Ummm abakingpowder? Of course he hit it fair, it was a home run. I’ll give Valentine this, though: he has incredible self-awareness when he sounds dumb. He then takes the next minute or so to try and explain himself, ultimately sounding even more clueless.

As for Marv Albert, he was vintage, especially in his call of Ray Allen’s game-winning three (YES!). He’s the perfect voice for NBA playoff basketball and he will be sorely missed whenever he decides to hang up the headset. I don’t even want to think about that time.