Bill Simmons is hosting PTI this week with Michael Wilbon and teased on Twitter yesterday that he had a “surprise wrinkle.” Well, the wrinkle turned out to be a tickler on his top lip and a sprinkle of hair on his bottom lip. Yes, Bill Simmons has been hiding behind long enough to grow a mustache.  
His motivation for growing the ‘stache is unknown, but it could be NBA lockout related or a head start for Movember. Whatever it is, Simmons tweeted he’ll stay away from the soul ‘stache rocked by MJ in his Hanes ad.
I’m with Deadspin in that I’m not going to call it a creepy ‘stache or a porn ‘stache, because it does seem like all ‘staches get tabbed with those nicknames nowadays, but I’m not going to call it Sweet and I think it should still garner some kind of comparison.  

So whose hair lip does Simmons’ most closely resemble? Ned Flanders, with the voice, would be a good call. Poor man’s Kurt Rambis? Old school Rick Adelman? I actually think it looks a lot like a mustached Carl Pavano.


What do you think?

pics via Bubbaprog and PTI

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