I’m not a guy that necessarily wants to make fun of people for one little typo… wait a sec, of course I am

One would think a person who portrays themselves as the most notable and passionate Boston sports fan on the planet would theoretically be careful to be correct in what he says regarding said Boston sports teams.  One would also think ESPN’s most popular writer, Bill Simmons (a man with almost 1.5 million Twitter followers), would want to double check the info he’s pumping out on a regular basis.  Finally, one would think a tweet observing the “high comedy” of a misspelled tattoo (is it really that hilarious?) would not mistake a Bruins player for an ESPN New York writer.  And yet, Bill Simmons passed none of those tests Monday.

You see, Andrew Marchand is a senior writer at ESPN New York.  Brad Marchand is the Bruins player that had “Stanley Cup Champians” temporarily tattooed on his arm body.  How Simmons got the two confused is a bit perplexing, unless it was a conspiracy from the Bristol overlords to feed more page views to their regional sites.  Seriously, why else would we ever link to ESPN New York?  Simmons fessed up to the gaffe minutes later…

Usually a tweeting snafu of this order wouldn’t be worthy of a second glance, but this isn’t the first time The Sports Guy has come under fire for his lack of attention to detail regarding the Bruins.  During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, he called Rich Peverley “Patrick Beverly.”  He was also called out as an obvious bandwagon fan when he suddenly showed up with ice level seats wearing a snappy Bruins sweatshirt during the playoffs.

Simmons does seem to have more than his fair share of typos and factual errors in his columns (see Deadspin’s Grantland correction desk).  And yet, his history of errors regarding the Bruins cut deeper than others.  it seems that Bruins fans hold a special sort of grudge against Bill Simmons for jumping on the B’s bandwagon like he was Blake Griffin leaping over a midsized sedan.  Simmons has fallen all over himself gushing about his Boston persona – penning column after column about the Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots over the years.  Hockey was rarely even on his radar.  All it took was a Stanley Cup championship to get the Sports Guy fully on board with the Bruins.  The transparent, fake, Speidi-like nature of it all likely gave serious Bruins fans this reaction.  (There’s your obligatory Simmonsesque pop culture reference.)

With his latest snafu, Bill Simmons would appear to have even more work to do to patch up his standing with Bruins fans.  The whole Bruins fans vs Bill Simmons dynamic is ironic coming from someone who has made millions of dollars off his reputation as a hardcore Boston sports fan and once wrote this:

There’s nothing worse than a Bandwagon Jumper. If sports were a prison and sports fans made up all the prisoners, the Bandwagon Jumpers would be like the child molesters — everyone else would pick on them, take turns beating them up and force them to toss more salads than Emeril Lagasse.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Boston Sports Guy!

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