I take a bit of pride in some of the more thoughtful, longer columns that have appeared on Awful Announcing in the past year.  Hopefully, it’s given AA a different dimension and provided more depth and meaningful commentary to the site that you all knew and loved.

This is not one of those articles.  This is one where we find disturbing shots of announcers from the past weekend where they all look like characters in a zombie movie.  Take Ted Robinson from Versus for instance…


My word, I haven’t seen a play by play man look that frightened since Dick Vitale first picked up a microphone.  Then there’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, who have evidently made a habit out of looking like they are hungry for brains.  In fact, Zombie Joe Buck has been riveting America with his monotone play by play stylings for fifteen years.  (Too easy?)


Jim Mora and Ron Pitts took this craze to a new level when they attempted to become the first broadcast pairing in NFL history to eat each other on live television during the Chargers/Vikings game.  Either that, or they were weirdly demonstrating some sort of football move.  Thank goodness Tony Siragusa wasn’t around, or else they’d both be goners.

And finally, my personal favorite, ZOMBIE MARK MAY!!!


No, wait, that’s how he always looks.  Sorry.  He would be no use to zombies anyways… I think that scene would play out a little something like this.  

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