Yes, that's Matthew Barnaby's Porsche Cayenne after apparently driving 9 miles before being arrested for DWI. Police concluded he drove that distance after finding the missing tire on the side of a freeway exit ramp, but were unable to get a 5th charge of fleeing the scene of an accident to stick as they couldn't prove that Barnaby's tire was the one they found and had no witnesses linking him to any damage or injuries.

Barnaby couldn't shake the other four charges and pled guilty to driving while intoxicated, refusing a Breathalyzer test, driving with unsafe tires, and failing to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles of his address change. Although he'll avoid jail time, Barnaby was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine, give 100 hours of community service, and ordered to attend rehab as well as outpatient counseling upon completion of his program.. It's still tbd if his former plea deal for another incident will be honored and if he's safe from facing deportation to Canada.

Barnaby gave a pretty convincing statement and apology to the press that brought him to tears. I'd cry too if I lost my job at ESPN and was no longer dating Michelle Beadle. Below is a video of local news coverage of the court appearance and his public statement.

While a lot of coaches and television personalities are able to continue their careers despite similar legal issues, I'm not so sold we'll see Barnaby back on television anytime soon. He's got two strikes against him and the NHL has limited positions within the media. Potentially something opens up down the road in Canada or with a regional channel, but for the foreseeable future, Barnaby will have a tough time getting back on television.

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