The always crotchety Billy Packer isn’t happy about a lot of things. A few things he hates are the new tournament setup, new announcers, and that his truTV cops and robbers shows will be bumped for the measly NCAA tournament. Weeks went by, and it looked like all involved decided to take the high road and ignore the always bitter Packer. Luckily for all of us, Chuck decided to finally say something. Barkley, who is always a very eloquent speaker, simply summed up Packer as being a jackass. Considering everyone who isn’t Billy Packer probably already thinks this, this really wasn’t all that shocking.

Upon hearing about Barkley’s statement, Packer decided to respond in the most Billy Packer way possible… by challenging Chuck to an NCAA basketball knowledge debate (see audio at the bottom of the page here). Do you know who definitely knows more college basketball than both Packer and Barkley? Watson. That’s right, that diabolical computer. But even though Watson is a computer that will probably enslave us all some day, it still somehow has way more charisma and likeablity than Packer. But being an announcer/TV personality isn’t only about knowing an endless stream of facts. Most importantly you must have a compelling personality that makes us want to tune in. Chuck does know basketball, but even more importantly he makes me want to watch halftime and postgame shows for the first time ever. Billy Packer is simply a curmudgeon that irritated college basketball fans for years and very few miss his presence from the NCAA tournament.


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