The LA Angels and Boston Red Sox played 13 innings on Wednesday/Thursday, in a game that lasted nearly eight hours and ended just before my bedtime at 3 a.m. EST, thanks in large part to Sox tradition and a two-plus hour rain delay in the middle of the game.

As you might imagine, everyone who opted to stay for its entirety got a little stir crazy by game’s finish, announcers included. I mean, things really started to get weird – fans’ eyes were bleeding, heckling was getting audibly meaner as cuss words were getting picked up on both broadcasts, some fans were begging Nomar Garciaparra (who was up in the ESPN booth) to come down and pitch, and a few others of the hundred or so remaining Sox fans were even chanting “Yankees Suck” despite the fact the Sox were playing, you know, the Angels. And Brick killed a guy.

Meanwhile, up in the Angels broadcast booth, announcers Victor Rojas and Mike Gubicza decided to put on wrestling masks for an entire inning to ignite a rally that would end this test of endurance once and for all:


I was getting kind of nervous because I didn’t know what was going on, but Bobby Abreu dressed like Gene Simmons from Kiss and knocked in two runs on a two-out single to cheer me up. He’s the sweetest person in the world.


As it turns out, the wrestling mask will be a promotional giveaway on May 10. The boys in the booth dipped into their bag of tricks a little early to make sure this game didn’t last until May 10. Thankfully, the Angels didn’t blow another lead in the bottom half of the inning like they did in the 9th, leaving the somewhat premature exposure of the rally wrestling masks victor-Rojas-ious


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