In the newest edition of the Awful Announcing Podcast, we’re joined by CNBC Emmy Award winning sports business reporter Darren Rovell.  Darren joined CNBC in 2006 after working at ESPN and has established himself as the most prominent authority on all things sports business.  You can check out his work at CNBC’s Sports Biz or join almost 100,000 others by following him on Twitter in addition to checking him out on TV.  AA chats with Darren about a number of topics in this wide-ranging podcast including…

-The explosion of sports rights on television
-The Comcast merger with NBC, how it affects Versus, and whether or not they can compete with ESPN 
-Athletes and the impact of Twitter 
-The uncertain future of golf on television in a post-Tiger world
-The NFL and NBA lockouts

There are so many compelling possible topics in sports business worth talking about and Darren touches on a number of them in this interview, including some strong takes on both the NFL and NBA lockouts.  A huge thanks to Darren for taking the time to come on the AA Podcast, and we even gave him a question to ponder for his next appearance.

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