Every four years I like Soccer, and this year will be no different as ABC/ESPN plans on airing 44….count em!….44 FIFA World Cup matches from South Africa. The action starts with the first U.S. contest on ABC vs. England (on Saturday, June 12, at 2pm), and ends on the same network July 11th with the Championship game.

Friday, June 11th

South Africa vs. Mexico, Group A (ESPN, 9:30am)
Uruguay vs. France, Group A (ESPN, 2pm)

Saturday, June 12th

Korea Republic vs. Greece, Group B (ESPN, 7am)
Argentina vs. Nigeria, Group B (ESPN, 9:30am)
England vs. USA, Group C (ABC, 2pm)

Sunday, June 13th

Algeria vs. Slovenia, Group C (ESPN, 7am)
Serbia vs. Ghana, Group D (ESPN, 9:30am)
Germany vs. Australia, Group D (ABC, 2pm)

Monday, June 14th
Netherlands vs. Denmark, Group E (ESPN, 7am)
Japan vs. Cameroon, Group E (ESPN, 9:30am)
Italy vs. Paraguay, Group F (ESPN, 2pm)

Tuesday, June 15th

New Zealand vs. Slovakia, Group F (ESPN, 7am)
Ivory Coast vs. Portugal, Group G (ESPN, 9:30am)
Brazil vs. Korea DPR, Group G (ESPN, 2pm)

Wednesday, June 16th

Honduras vs. Chile, Group H (ESPN, 7am)
Spain vs. Switzerland, Group H (ESPN, 9:30am)
South Africa vs. Uruguay, Group A (ESPN, 2pm)

Thursday, June 17th

Argentina vs. Korea Rep, Group B (ESPN, 7am)
Greece vs. Nigeria, Group B (ESPN, 9:30am)
France vs. Mexico, Group A (ESPN2, 2pm)

Friday, June 18th

Germany vs. Serbia, Group D (ESPN, 7am)
Slovenia vs. USA, Group C (ESPN, 9:30am)
England vs. Algeria, Group C (ESPN2, 2pm)

Saturday, June 19th

Netherlands vs. Japan, Group E (ESPN, 7am)
Ghana vs. Australia, Group D (ESPN, 9:30am)
Cameroon vs. Denmark, Group E (ABC, 2pm)

Sunday, June 20th

Slovakia vs. Paraguay, Group F (ESPN, 7am)
Italy vs. New Zealand, Group F (ESPN, 9:30am)
Brazil vs. Ivory Coast, Group G (ABC, 2pm)

Monday, June 21st

Portugal vs. Korea DPR, Group G (ESPN, 7am)
Chile vs. Switzerland, Group H (ESPN, 9:30am)
Spain vs. Honduras, Group H (ESPN, 2pm)

Tuesday, June 22nd

Mexico vs. Uruguay, Group A (ESPN, 9:30am)
France vs. South Africa, Group A (ESPN2, 9:30am)
Nigeria vs. Korea Republic, Group B (ESPN2, 2pm)
Greece vs. Argentina, Group B (ESPN, 2pm)

Wednesday, June 23rd

Slovenia vs. England, Group C (ESPN2, 9:30am)
USA vs. Algeria, Group C (ESPN, 9:30am)
Ghana vs. Germany, Group D (ESPN, 2pm)
Australia vs. Serbia, Group D (ESPN2, 2pm)

Thursday, June 24th

Slovakia vs. Italy, Group E (ESPN, 9:30am)
Paraguay vs. New Zealand, Group E (ESPN2, 9:30am)
Denmark vs. Japan, Group F (ESPN, 2pm)
Cameroon vs. Netherlands, Group F (ESPN2, 2pm)

Friday, June 25th

Portugal vs. Brazil, Group G (ESPN, 9:30am)
Ivory Coast vs. Korea DPR, Group G (ESPN2, 9:30am)
Chile vs. Spain, Group H (ESPN, 2pm)
Switzerland vs. Honduras, Group H (ESPN2, 2pm)

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