As we hit mid-December, what better time to look back over the year that was in Awful Announcing and bring you some holiday cheer with the best screw-ups, botches, and bloopers from the world of sports broadcasting.  AA found a rebirth here at Bloguin in the late summer and there were plenty of fantastic candidates for our Top 10 Announcing Gaffes of 2010.  Let us know your favorite gaffe of the year by leaving a comment below.  Click Read More for the entire Top 10.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  

10) Hoarse & Horses!
-From Australia, horse race caller Jimmy Jacques (best name in the countdown by far) tries to fight bravely through losing his voice during a harness race.  It’s a commendable effort, but the result is a hilarious announcing fail.

9) The $h*tty Collection
-First, ESPN’s Anish Shroff doesn’t think too highly of the new stadium of the New York Mets.  Let’s see, Citi rhymes with…

Not to be outdone, CSN’s Craig Laughlin describes this goal in not so eloquent terms, although apparently he was trying to say “shinny.”  Yea, sure thing.  (AA Post)

8) Homerism Fail
-New York Islanders play by play man Howie Rose tells viewers how he really feels about the hometown Islanders!  It’s not like he has that much to look forward to in Spring Training with the Mets seeing as how the Phillies are slowly taking over the world.  And besides, they play in $h*tty Field anyways.  (AA Post)

7) “I don’t know Jeff”
-Sky Sports’ Chris Kamara is an on-site reporter for Soccer Saturday in England.  When host Jeff Stelling goes to Kammy for news of a red card at his game between Portsmouth and Blackburn, Kammy is caught by surprise much to the delight of everyone watching.

6) The NCAA’s Favorite Screw-Up
-During the Iron Bowl, starring Cam Newton no less, Gary Danielson of CBS talks about the sanctity of amateur athletes “who earn their mon..”  Whoops!  At least he and Verne Lundquist are good enough to have a laugh about it.  They’re getting paid by the SEC just like everybody else!  Well, it could be ok of course if he’s talking about all that scholarship money they are earning!  Check the link for this one!

5) Matt Millen Has Fun With Ethnic Slurs
-My God, how does this guy still have a job across 78 different television platforms?  This clip comes from the NFL Draft in APRIL where Matt Millen had previously referred to Ron Jaworski as a “polack.”  Yes, when in doubt ethnic slurs are always a good option for you aspiring broadcasters out there.  Maybe he just got done watching All in the Family reruns in the morning.  Here’s Millen’s incredibly awkward apology.  

4) Patrick Kane’s Goal Confuses Everybody
-4 different announcers botch Patrick Kane’s Stanley Cup winning goal against the Flyers in overtime.  Both NBC, the CBC, and the teams’ radio crews completely mess up Kane’s sneaky shot.   At least announcing gaffes love company!

3) “Booo!!  Nuts And Bolts We Got Screwed!!”
-The Abingdon Green Wave is a high school football team in Massachusetts.  After a bad call on a backwards pass goes against them, both announcers show their broadcast professionalism.  I’m pretty sure it’s against the announcers creed to actually say the word “boo” during a game or invoke junior high chants.  The thick Mass accent makes this meltdown even better!  (AA Post)

2) Lawrence Frank’s Potty Mouth
-The former Nets coach doesn’t quite realize that he’s still live on air as he lets loose on his former team and that f’er LeBron James.  What makes this clip a classic is the awkward “Oh God!” reactions from Jay Crawford and Skip Bayless.  Anything to make First Take even more unwatchable.  Well done Larry!

-Above all others, this clip is our favorite of the year.  FAU announcer Dave Lamont goes insane on a no-call when the quarterback slides and gets hit in the helmet.  He screams for the Sun Belt commissioner like Mel Gibson in search of his family’s killer.  He then angrily challenges people looking at him strangely in the press box to a fight!  No word on who won the press box fight, sadly.  (AA Post)

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