T.Ocho show

The T.Ocho show debuted last night. I taped it, because, apparently I have terrible taste in everything. If you’ve ever wondered what TO’s thoughts were about Jennifer Aniston’s love life, then I can safely say you will enjoy this show immensely. If not, then you will probably not have a difficult time avoiding the Versus network at 10:30 PM on Tuesday nights.

Kevin Frazier is the host, and he asks the hardball questions such as, who would win in 2-on-2 basketball…T.Ocho or Lebron/Wade? We also have a segment devoted to twitter review (tweet sheet) where we break down various twats these two sent out. If that’s not enough excitement, another segment is called Dr. T.Ocho were the two don lab coats and offer up advice to those who they think need it. TO’s advice for Jennifer Aniston (date him), Kim Kardashian (date him), and finally, Lindsey Lohan (date him). Good stuff.

I’m usually entertained by these two. They usually offer up some controversial and funny comments that are completely against the robotic image the Goodell NFL is trying so hard to put forward. But, this was rough to say the least. Nothing really controversial, no insight into…well anything. For a show airing on the boonies at 10:30 at night, you kind of hoped you might get something with a little bit of spice. Instead, we get Ochocinco telling us about cigarette smoking chimps passing away.

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