AA isn’t just about the announcing moments that make you cringe, laugh, and laugh some more.  It’s about giving props to our favorite sports announcers, like Gus Johnson.  (Why again is he the 6th string broadcaster for CBS football and not doing the Final 4?)  The Hail Mary in Jacksonville inspired this list of the Top 10 announcing moments in the career of the one and only Gus Johnson.  Of course a list of only 10 can’t be complete, so if your favorite Gus moment is missing then leave a comment below.  *This Top 10 list was first put together by Ryan Yoder at our site Randall Simon’s Sausages.*

10) Princeton v UCLA (1996)
-It’s amazing to see that Gus has been announcing NCAA tournament games since 1996!  This was Princeton’s famous upset of defending champion UCLA and Gus actually seems reserved compared to other entries on this list!


9) Gonzaga v Oklahoma State (2005)
-Adam Morrison makes a game winning banked 3 to beat the Pokes in Seattle.

8) Jaguars v Texans (2010)
-The most recent entry in our list from Sunday when the Jags shocked the Texans with a Hail Mary with a cameo from an excited Steve Tasker! 

7) Knicks v Bobcats (2006)
-Gus goes nuts as David Lee tips it in at the buzzer with .1 seconds left in the Garden. 

6) OSU v Illinois (2005)
-An underrated Gus classic when the Bucks knocked off #1 and undefeated Illinois in Columbus thanks to a Matt Sylvester 3. 

5) OSU v Xavier (2007)
-Ron Lewis sends this second round NCAA game tooooo overtime… in Lexington!  HA HA!!

4) UCLA v Gonzaga (2006)
-40 seconds of madness that capped off an incredible comeback in the Sweet 16.  This may be a 15 on the Screamin’ Gus Scale! 

3) Bengals v Broncos (2009)
-One of the wildest endings to an NFL game ever and one of Gus’ craziest and best calls.  “Caught!  Stokley!”  This is what a mid announcing heart attack sounds like…

2) Gonzaga v Florida (1999)
-The most famous call of Gus Johnson in the 1999 Sweet 16 made him (and Gonzaga) a star.  “The Slipper Still Fits!”

1) Xavier v Kansas St (2010)
-Perhaps Gus’ finest hour in last year’s NCAA tournament shoot out between the Musketeers and Wildcats including Jordan Crawford’s insane 3 pointer and our favorite Gus moment of all-time at 1:22.

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

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