Gus Johnson iphone

This is just one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever stumbled upon. The Gus Johnson iPhone App specializes in “Gustones” which are audio of Gus calling the last second of hypothetical championship games. The App is free, but to purchase a “Gustone” will set you back a dollar. There’s 50 of them, all hilarious. Here’s the call of Da’ Bears winning it all, and an example of what you can expect from the other 49 “Gustones.”

“Gus Johnson here! And It’s gametime! Chicago, holding on! Up by 4! New England, threatening, at the Chicago 20. Last play. Mr. Terrific, back to pass! Looking…AND HE IS SAHCKED! STRIPPED! LOOSE BALL! 54, PICKS IT UP! DOWN THE SIDELINE! RUHMBLING! TOUCHDOWN, CHICAGO! THEY ARE DANCING ON RUSH STREET! CHICAGO, WORLD CHAMPIONS AGAIN!”

Yeah, pretty good stuff. What’s funny is that most of these sound like they were recorded in 2007 or 2008. For instance, Baron Davis hits the buzzer beater for Golden State, and in Navy’s scenario, they are going for their first win over Notre Dame since 1963. Also, many of them don’t load correctly and there are a couple spelling uh-ohs sprinkled in. I thought this thing might be old, but it was released August 6th, 2010. Really though, who cares. This allows you to take a spastic Gus wherever you go and for the price of zero, it will fit in nicely with your ifart app that you also get great use out of.

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