Last week during the Cowboys win over the Colts, a game in which Peyton Manning threw four interceptions, Colts radio play-by-play man Bob Lamey was caught making some critical, knee-jerk remarks about Manning. Lamey’s comments were originally off-air, but became on-air when a local Indianapolis ESPN radio show on 1070 the Fan played them for all to hear.  BigBlueShoe at Big Stampede Blue has the gist:

The gist of Bob’s rant was nothing more than froth-mouthed frustration. He said the NFL had ‘figured Manning out’ and the Colts bench him in favor of Curtis Painter for the rest of this season. He also said the Colts would finish last in the AFC South, and should spend time in this year’s NFL Draft looking for a replacement to Peyton.

BigBlueShoe chalked Lamey’s comments up to in-game frustrations and being a die-hard fan of the blue shoe. After all, the Colts were on a three-game losing streak which had a lot to do with Manning’s uncharacteristic 11 interceptions. But, seriously, Curtis Painter for the rest of the season (with the playoffs still a very real possibility)? Lamey may be a huge homer, but I can’t imagine these comments were made without some crazy pills and an empty rocker also being included.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Lions fan and I don’t have the slightest clue what it’s like to root for a bona fide winning NFL team, but I know enough that you don’t jump ship at the first hint of a slump from your 4-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl winning quarterback. Three straight bad games, a blip really, and all of a sudden the NFL’s figured Manning out? Obviously, no team can win when their quarterback is turning the ball over 11 times in three games. But, given the Colts current injuries and having seen Manning methodically pick defenses apart for, oh, the past 11 seasons, even in the utmost dire situations, Colts’ biggest homers should know that the team’s best shot is with Manning under center and they’re not going to win meaningful football games with Curtis Painter.

Of course, Lamey realized he goofed and apologized to Manning. Then, as if Lamey didn’t feel stupid enough, Manning served up a nice, warm bowl of crow on Thursday night. Manning put together a gem — completed 25 of 35 passes for 319 yards, two touchdowns and, most importantly, zero interceptions — in a key win on the road against the Titans.  That’ll be all, Mr. Lamey.*

*To be fair to Lamey, I don’t think it’s totally unreasonable for the Colts to consider drafting a quarterback to develop and replace Peyton Manning down the road a la Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. Manning will be 35-years-old next season and, FWIW, Rodgers was drafted when Brett Favre was 35.

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