Riding shotgun to the news that CBS analyst and former NFL tight end Shannon Sharpe was recently hit with a restraining order from his girlfriend is this gem: Sharpe has been cited in TEN (10) different cases relating to former partners since 1994.

I’m of the opinion that, in most situations, transgressions unrelated to a person’s job should remain just that, unrelated.  But with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s clear policy of looking past the job life/personal life barrier and holding NFL players accountable for everything they do, Shannon Sharpe is certainly lucky he is not redefining the tight end position anymore- so much so, in fact, that not only is he not being suspended from his job like other never-charged-but-chronic-transgressors Pacman Jones and Ben Roethlisberger, but CBS is reportedly not punishing him at all.  No suspension.  No fine.  Nothing.

With the public taking notice, however, be on the lookout this weekend for some sort of public address during CBS’s pregame show about the incident(s).  There are just too many of them and this story is reaching too many people to let it slide completely.

UPDATE: Shannon Sharpe is reportedly leaving CBS’s NFL pregame show until his legal issues are resolved.  Meanwhile, more details have emerged regarding the reasons behind Sharpe’s most recent restraining order.  The allegations include rape and death threats.  Yikes.  Given the severity of the allegations and our legal system’s snail’s pace, this could linger for a while.  We might not be seeing Sharpe anytime soon.