A regular season game between the wretched Panthers and the mediocre Browns would usually be bad enough to sit through on a Sunday afternoon.  When Chris Rose and Torry Holt are announcing the game, the awfulness is ratcheted up several notches.  Perhaps someone from AA nation can correct me, but I believe this was Holt’s first game as an analyst for Fox.  Needless to say it was less than a sterling debut.  Thankfully, tweeps from around the country were tuned in as well.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

I thought Matt Millen and Joe Theisman were bad announcers, then I heard Torry Holt.
Torry Holt is a terrible announcer. Jimmy Clausen is a terrible quarterback.
TerrelliC Torry Holt never finishes his…
CardboardGerald Torry Holt: “This is the production……….” (stops talking mid-sentence)
BryanDRoth At some point, someone from @NFLonFox should tell Torry Holt it’s pronounced “Smith” and not “Smif.”
dawg317 Torry Holt should never call another game again. He was beyond horrible.
PHXmusicdotcom Torry Holt should not be providing commentary to professional football games.
jonmanuzak The Browns Panthers game is painful enough without having to listen to Torry Holt calling the…. uh… uhh… game. #fb

jameeleighty81 Please let me not have to watch another game the rest of my life with Torry Holt doing the commentating
stevesirk Deep thoughts from Torry Holt: “John Fox is a man’s man as a coach. He physically challenges you as a man.”
bernvendlinski Torry Holt has to be the worst commentator I’ve ever heard. Absolutely brutal
ski888 Dear Torry Holt, Think about the word, and then say the word!
KristeneVI This must be Torry Holt‘s first game. He is a mess. Can’t finish sentences/thoughts. Sounds like he is talking to his friends. SMH
dang_randell Torry Holt should be covering the St. Louis game… at least there ppl will look past his idiotic statements
billgluvna Pretty obvious that Chris Rose and Torry Holt met about 5 minutes before kickoff today. What an awkward broadcast pairing. #Panthers #Browns
hatethesteelers thanks fox for this great announcing duo. i know chris rose is from cleveland but magic johnson thinks torry holt is a terrible announcer.

_BW Listening to Torry Holt call todays game was like watching Jake Delhomme quarterback a game. Pain. #fox, you got some explainin’ to do. 
somalley86 Jake Delhomme didn’t want Torry Holt to be the only trainwreck at this game. #browns #nfl #fox
ScottAHReed Good lord, we need legislation that preventsTorry Holt from ever setting foot in a broadcast booth ever again. #nfl
JStamper09 Who at FOX Sports thought Torry Holt would make a good announcer? Jesus he’s almost worse than Buck.
dat_man_trav Torry holt ur commentary SUCKS!!! U are the reggie miller of nfl commentary
CatCraveRadio Torry Holt missed announcing the day they taught announcing at Announcing School. #Panthers #Browns
ryanfriedl torry holt could very well be the worst color commentator ive ever seen
APWillGraves I keep waiting for Torry Holt to say “Boom goes the dynamite.”


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