Last night saw the “triumphant” return to the broadcast booth of one of AA’s favorites – Joe Theismann.  We missed you, Joe.  What could be better than having Theismann back calling NFL games?  Well, having him join Matt Millen in a three man booth of course!  The end result was about what you would expect, which is great news for all of us.  Twitter is such a good source for finding humor in the world of sports, just ask Les Miles.  So, what did the world have to say about two AA legends coming together in the same booth?  As always these are Real Tweets from Real People…

THEKID_Wow, what a nightmare. I dreamt that we’d have to listen to Matt Millen & Joe Theismann on Thursday nights #NFL 
MichaelMillerPR #Millen and #Theismann — What mastermind sat in a board room and said “you know what, I have the perfect duo”? Shame on you, #NFLNetwork 
EricStangel A broken clock is right twice a day. Matt Millen is not. #TurnHisMicOffPlease 
budgie510 Having to listen to Matt Millen and Joe Theismann call a game is like being sent to Thursday night hell. 
TimLemkeSports Thank you, Matt Millen and Joe Theismann for three hours of delightful palpable tension! 
PaulKatcher This is my favorite part the evening: Matt Millen and Joe Theismann just shut up for 30 seconds 
PTIgirl What a great game. Too bad we had to listen to dumb & dumber #millen #theismann 
18to88 Theismann and Millon had an “idiot-off” tonight to see who could say more ridiculous things. The winner: Millen. The loser: all of us 
ThadOchocinco If Matt Millen is always correcting you, then you really don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, Joe Theismann. 
dellbillings Matt Millen and Joe Theismann on Thursday Night Football. Was OJ and Satan not available? #nfl

Does anybody get the sense that Joe Theismann and Matt Millen are trying to explain and understand basic concepts…. out loud? 
EndoEnderson Theismann and Millen are the worst in booth combo since Theismann and Macguire #learnfromhistory 
realjosiah Are Theismann & Millen doing the NFL Network game or 2 guys who have never seen or heard of football before tonight? I honestly cannot tell. 
ady2 Matt Millen and Joe Theismann are like those two losers at the bar who interrupt your conversation and won’t stop bothering you #nfl #mute 
mpopek Only spent 90 seconds watching the end of this game, and I’m already sick of Millen/Theismann. 
idislikestephen The NFL Network uses Joe Theismann AND Matt Millen in the booth for Thursday-night games? Were all the world’s howler monkeys unavailable? 
RumfordJohnny If you harnessed the mental energy of Theismann and Millen, you could toast some bread…lightly. 
heydannyv I’ll die a happy man if I never have to hear Matt Millen and Joe Theismann analyze a replay again. What have we done to deserve both of ’em? 
GeorgeD4 A three-man booth with Theismann and Millen is like a 500-man booth of normal people. #NFL #blowhards
thefootballgirl Wine, beer, or hard alcohol to deal with Matt Millen and Joe Theismann?

TavisBregel Love watching a great NFL game on a Thursday night, but listening to Matt Millen and Joe Theismann announce the game is brain numbing to me.
sportsguy33 Joe Theismann?!?!?!? Nooooooooooooo! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
j_cynic Matt Millen and Joe Theismann? Ugh. Even Joe Buck’s ears bleed at that thought.
TeresaAllen1 Millen: “It’s going to a booth review.” Theismann: “This could go either way.” Stellar analysis. 
drewblue I love Bob Papa but Millen and Theismann are challenging one another to say the dumbest thing. They’re both winning. #nfl #tnf 
Josh_Looman Would love to see a new sitcom starring Theismann and Millen. 
drpretzel Who knew that by slaying Joe Morgan we would unleash the two-headed Theismann / Millen monster. 
dave_phillips1 The NFL is actively trying to force people to turn this game off, right? Is David Stern in on this? Millen AND Theismann? #RatherHavePamWard 
christiankwest Part of my brain oozed out of my ears after listening to that last Millen-Theismann exchange.#mutebutton 
sharapovasthigh Theismann is killing me. I can’t decide who I hate more on the broadcast between him & Millen. It’s like the Buck/McCarver situation. 

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