It was a long season, but ended perfectly with a close defensive contest, that was won by Duke by about a millimeter. It was a battle that should have led to two trophies given out, but alas….that’s not the way it works. As a good friend put it, “Two clean programs. No one-and-done players…just true student athletes. Every possession was tough and it all came down to the end.” You really couldn’t ask for anything more from the best Tournament in any Sport (Pro or College).

Please don’t bump the amount of teams up to 96, NCAA. A watered down version of the madness is not what we need. Congrats Duke….here’s your “OSM”….

And by the way, the Jennifer Hudson version wasn’t that bad. Yes, it isn’t the same as Luther. Yes, she got a little bit crazy near the end there. But all in all….it wasn’t that bad. I don’t understand the decision to replace the Vandross version, but it could have been worse.

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