I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments regarding Mike Leach’s legendary debut in the booth this past weekend. He was the color-man in last Saturday’s NC State-Central Florida match up, which you’d think would be the perfect game to hide him. But, oh, no! Thankfully, somebody grabbed a little over seven minutes in heaven of Leachisms and I’d say 75% of them are Pammy worthy (but apparently nobody was watching this game because we received zero nominations).

Anyway, for these reasons, I felt it was only fair to lock this video in a closet for a couple days and give it its own post today. Be on the lookout for his next gig, which I’m being told will be October 16!? That should be a long enough layoff for any nerves he shook off in this game to come crawling back. Should be a doozie.

H/T ncsu1

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