matt millen cosby sweater

Oh my Tim Tebow. Spoiler alert to this week’s upcoming announcing schedule, but ABC has announced that Matt Millen will be taking his talents to Ann Arbor for the big timey rivalry game between MSU/UM this weekend. If there is anything the people of this great state are familiar with, it’s Millen’s expertise when it comes to football. Seriously, this guy is public enemy #1 in this state, and just the sight of him will cause your sweet old grandma to curse up a storm. This is especially annoying to me, because this rivalry has become increasingly bitter these last few years, and having MSU/UM fans be able to agree on something this week is just upsetting. I hope we can quickly put this news behind us so we can get back to what makes this rivalry great, calling each other arrogant and stupid because of the Big Ten institutions we graduated from.