… because he called Rod Marinelli one of the best he’s ever been around tonight during the NFL Network’s telecast of Thursday Night Football. Marinelli, you know, is the guy who led the Detroit Lions to the NFL’s only 0-16 season. Pad Level. Pounding the rock. Walks with a limp. Yeah, real nice guy, but real bad coach.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough brain damaged analysis, Millen spent a good five minutes going over Rod Marinelli’s hijacking of the word loaf. It’s cute that Marinelli has an ironic football related definition for the word, but we don’t care. If you must bring it up, do so in passing. Do not belabor it and sound like you’re a school-aged girl talking about Justin Bieber while you’re doing it.

[Sparty & Friends — Matt Millen Still Hearts Rod Marinelli]

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