Last week I poked fun of the frequency of suckiness that somehow Matt Millen has levied against the general football watching public. In short, it’s not how much Millen sucks that I find overbearing, it’s how often he sucks as tonight I was subjected to my 4th dose of Millen in 8 days (tonight’s Thursday night game, last week’s Thursday night game, ACC Championship game, and post game Monday Night Football). Apparently he also does work on ESPNU on a show called “The Experts” (seriously).

All of this criticism towards Millen stems from the fact that he’s picked up a handful of broadcasting jobs despite the fact of an extremely unsuccessful tenure as the President of the Detroit Lions where he was notoriously known for using top 5 picks to select wide receivers. You can actually play a fun quiz game on Millen’s first round picks here.

Tonight was more of the same from Millen and his accomplices in the broadcast booth. What made it a little bit more painful was Millen had obviously suffered an acute relapse of Wide Receiver Bromance. While you’re not going to find anyone in the civilized world who is going to say anything positive about Randy Moss this season, Millen offered up this great nugget of wisdom that Moss should be a football coach. Yes, I shit you not, Moss the locker room cancer and king of taking plays off could be on Millen’s list of coaching candidates should he ever take the reigns of a NFL franchise again.

Hell, if Millen’s agent can get him a handful of broadcasting jobs spanning NFL Network, NBC, ABC/ESPN family of networks, I wouldn’t necessarily write off the suggestion. But his praise of Moss, who will be a Hall of Famer, wasn’t the only transgression as Millen spent a good portion of the broadcast waxing poetic talking about of all players, Kenny Britt.

In a game where Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Chris Johnson, Peyton Manning, and Dwight Freeney were all on display, Millen seemed to deemphasize them at times and focus on Britt who only had 4 catches for 39 yards. It wasn’t just me who took note, but also Twitter nation. We countdown our top ten tweets on this subject after the jump (hit read more).


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The good news, for any of you who have been suffering, is that with the end of the college season, starting this weekend we’ll only be subjected to two Millen weekly appearances.

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