During last night’s San Diego broadcast of the Padres/Cubs game, play-by-play man Dick Enberg announced in the 7th inning that the Rockies lost yet again, their 8th loss in 9 games, and would be eliminated with a Giants win (which happened).

[long pause]

Cue color man Mark Grant with one of his typical broadcasting quirks, right?

Ehh, not quite. The analogy he uses to describe the Rockies collapse probably won’t be the most well received comment he’s ever made:

“That’s a bigger leak than that BP oil spill out on the Gulf.”

Ohhhhh, boy, that’s not right. Too soon? After an awwwwkward pause, Enberg let out a nervous giggle and, “I wouldn’t go that far.”  Once off the air, I imagine the wily vet, Dick Enberg, gave Grant a look, like, “Are you f’ing serious?” and Grant probably responded like this.

Mud, maybe you should send us a little mea culpa/explanation to post here for the people that will undoubtedly take offense to this unoriginal BP analogy.  For what it’s worth, It wouldn’t be the first time a San Diego Padres announcer explained himself on AA.

H/T thatpuzzleguy

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