ESPN is airing their annual Sportscenter Special: The Insiders right now. This show is just another example of the Worldwide Leader’s tried-and-true-but-really-annoying sports talk show formula: grab a few reporters, give them a topic, and let them have a go.

This one has ESPN’s top NFL reporters going back and forth about the big NFL stories while three of them sit awkwardly on a couch together. Being a senior writer for ESPN and having worked there for over 20 years, John Clayton really drew the short straw, eh? He has Adam Schefter looking like he’s a clearing of the throat away from pulling the old yawn/stretch/arm over your shoulder move on his right and Chris Mortenson on his left spreading his legs wide with reckless disregard for poor Clayton’s comfort. Meanwhile, Michael Smith with all of his five years of ESPN experience gets his own comfortable looking chair on the far left. I guess they could have had a fair and square RPS tournament to determine the seating situation. Clayton does have that “I throw rock first no matter what” look. Make an adjustment Johnny!

With all this said, while I am getting a little fed up at the lack of originality in concept for these shows, I still can’t peel my eyes away from this shit. Maybe it’s the three minutes of attention that these national reporters give to my favorite teams that keeps me coming back. Maybe it’s John Clayton’s flowing locks. Either way, I watch, ESPN wins, and apparently the St. Louis Rams are going to lose… a lot.


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