When Jon Gruden isn’t talking to viewers about how much of a real deal “this guy” is or how he likes the motor “that guy” possesses, his brain is constantly churning out not-very-clever nicknames. He’ll nickname a particular play, an individual player or, as was the case last night, a group of players.
Any time he referred to one of the three Giants receivers — Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks or Mario Manningham — Gruden would say, “_____ of ‘Jet Blue’,” you know, like the airline (famous for the way their employees quit and having free NFL Sunday Ticket on-flight). That’s okay if you didn’t know that, though, because Gruden made it clear during the broadcast that the nickname for the Big Blue receivers was sparked by the Jet Blue airline.
Jet Blue, which is the official sponsor for the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, didn’t take too kindly to Gruden bestowing their trademark (or Ron Jaworski encouraging it) upon the Giants’ receiving corps (after all, it goes against Article 4 Section 2.2 of their terms and conditions!):


In all seriousness, I doubt Jet Blue was legitimately worried about it. In fact, I’m sure they really appreciated the free advertising on Monday Night Football, which is averaging 15+ million viewers this season. Yeah, ‘kay, spanks.

[top image via the marvelous 30fps]

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